Hi, I’m C.J. Lines

CJ Lines

I wrote a book in 2007 called Filth Kiss and another in 2011 called Cold Mirrors. Both can probably still be found in charity shops all over the UK and online auction sites… One day, there may be another one. I have also written and performed horror monologues for audiences in very dark rooms. I have had short stories appear in a number of collections, including the Stoker-award winning anthology Unspeakable Horror From The Shadows Of The Closet.

With more regularity, I have written and talked aloud about cult films in various places, from DVD booklets to charity events, and on the internet for Den of Geek, Verité Magazine, Film Jive, Ed & Friends, Autopsy Report, and many more…

I write a pretty in-depth blog about ninjas in pop culture. It’s called Ninjas All The Way Down.
Some cool people have said nice things about my books:

“Lines’ writing style grips readers from the very first page and absolutely seethes with morbid sexuality and intense, visceral gore.” – Rue Morgue Magazine on Filth Kiss

“Haunting and beautiful… An author at the height of his power.”
– Starburst Magazine on Cold Mirrors

“A master short story teller… How could someone think of such despicable acts? And what kind of sick mind must they have?”
– Clayton Littlewood (author of Dirty White Boy and Goodbye to Soho)

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